Jessica photo testimonial

In June of 2015, I walked into AE Spa knowing my appearance was about to change, but I didn’t realize how it would change my life as well. I have alopecia universalis and lost all of my scalp hair at age 19 in 2010 and all of my body hair shortly after. I met Andrea in 2014, and when she heard about my condition, she began to show me pictures of other people with little to no eyebrows, and how she used cosmetic tattooing to create full and lifelike permanent eyebrows. Drawing eyebrows on your face every day, even with years of practice, never gets easier and they never look completely real.  So I decided to discard my countless eyebrow pencils and get eyebrow tattoos! Andrea spent so much time creating the perfect brows- the correct sizes, amount of arch, color, and placement. At every step of the procedure, she asked for my opinion to make sure I would be happy with the outcome. And I am more than happy with the outcome.  When I point out to people that I don’t have real eyebrows and they are actually tattoos, everyone takes a step closer to examine them and responds, “but they look so real!” Of course there were a few moments during the process that were painful, but Andrea made me as comfortable as possible, and those moments of pain were worth this beautiful end result. For anyone with alopecia or thinning eyebrows for other reasons, getting permanent eyebrows will boost your self-image and your confidence, and I highly recommend Andrea Sands to be the one to accompany you on this journey. Thank you, Jess

Microblading for Alopecia

2 years post initial eyebrow microblading application