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“I specialize in giving my clients a truly natural look. My client’s safety and satisfaction is my top priority. I only use federally approved superior pigment as coloring agents. The micro-pigmentation instruments I use are patented, specifically designed for safe and effective permanent makeup application. I use fine brushes to artfully create the look the client seeks. For instance, eyebrows are recreated with fine lines, simulating feathered hair and contoured into a natural-looking arch.”

Andrea J. Sands 


As a professional fine artist, Andrea’s knowledge of color theory and application add to her expertise and unique skill set giving every client the confidence that she will use her artistic abilities while designing and applying their permanent make up.

In addition to her over 25 years in the Spa & Aesthetics industry, Andrea  continues to participate in the most current technologies and application methods.  Andrea has received certification for  “Color Through the Skin ” and “Areola”  micro-pigmentation at the industry leader, Micro-Pigmentation Centre , Inc.,to further hone her skills enabling her to provide the most realistic cosmetic or medical rendering for her each of her clients.


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Andrea Sands






Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

Andrea Sands is a member in good standing of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals membership represents professionals in the industry who are dedicated to promoting the ideals and standards of the SPCP, offering permanent cosmetics that are conducted in accordance with safety standards specific to the permanent cosmetic process, and those who stay abreast of and participate in industry activities.